Global IT Service Desk Analyst

Global IT Service Desk Analyst

  • IKO Industries continues to expand its presence in North America, Europe and abroad. Each new addition strictly adheres to the company’s founding principles and benefits from its practice of perpetual improvement.

    IKO is fully committed to on-going investment in every facility to ensure that each one continues to operate at its maximum level of productivity in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.



    In Canada, IKO’s Corporate Headquarters is in Brampton, Ontario. There are currently 12 manufacturing plants and facilities supplying finished goods and raw materials.

    In the United States, IKO’s Corporate Headquarters is in Wilmington, Delaware. There are currently eight manufacturing plants and raw material facilities with a new plant in Hillsboro, Texas under construction.



    IKO’s Corporate Headquarters and Centre of Excellence are located in Antwerp, Belgium. There are 10 other manufacturing sites throughout Europe — in Belgium, England, France, Holland and Slovakia. There are sales branches throughout Europe servicing local customer needs.

  • Europe, North America or New Zealand
  • 25 Feb 2020
  • 25 Apr 2020
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