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  • “Standing still is no longer an option…” see more

    Being comfortable is something so many of us have gotten used to. We can order food from our smart phones while we get answers to basically anything we want through Chat GPT all from the comfort of our couch. How many of us go through life avoiding being uncomfortable? In this episode of Bytes and Banter we hear from a Digital Titan (literally…she won the ISG Digital Titan Award!) who challenges us to think differently about being comfortable.

    Specifically in tech, Patrycja Sobera is a female who shares her story of growth and the true benefit of being uncomfortable. This concept of being comfortable in the uncomfortable really seems to be a trend (Kirk Weisler actually really dove into this same idea in a previous episode!).

    Patryca’s vision and passion and story of growth is truly an inspiration to all tech leaders. She dives into her journey as a woman in tech – from growing up under communist Russia in Poland to Global Vice President leading an business unit of thousands. Her story is inspiring but also relevant to tech leaders who want to stop being comfortable. From the passion for evolution, saying yes to opportunities that present themselves, and how post pandemic the rules in tech have been turned upside down.

    Adapting to unprecedented technology change, XLAs, and being curious about everything. Patrycja truly challenges us to remember something critical for every leader to remember:

    “Standing still is no longer an option…”

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