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Bytes & Banter: Embracing Change: Navigating the Technological Winds with Thomas Vick of Robert Half

Bytes & Banter: Embracing Change: Navigating the Technological Winds with Thomas Vick of Robert Half

 The idea that anything stays the same is an ideology that really doesn’t have any roots in reality. Technology has offered clear evidence of this for the past thirty years. In this episode of Bytes and Banter we sat down with Thomas Vick, Senior Regional Director at Robert Half to discuss this very reality.

As winds of change come, so does the need to adjust the sails. If we don’t adjust the sails and the winds shift direction, we will land way off our desired destination. In the grand scheme of technology, the wind is constantly changing, and we are facing down Generative AI and ML like we’ve never seen before.

For organizations this means we have to adjust the sail to ensure we arrive at our desired destination. This idea of embracing change continues to emerge (see the Bytes and Banter episodes with Patrycja Sobera and Kirk Weisler as proof!).   As Thomas dove into the Building Future Forward Tech Teams article released by Robert Half, it pointed to the way organizations really need to adjust their sails.

When it comes to technology, like everything else we do, it starts with our people. Specifically the skills of our organization's people. The demand to change the sail with the direction of the wind (i.e integrate AI into everything we do, improve technology to better drive our business outcomes) really leads to the conclusion that we must ensure our organizations are cultivating a culture that develops these skills while also knowing when to bring these skills from the outside to help level up our capabilities (and impact to our people and customers!).

While there is zero doubt technical debt can complicate the advancement of digital transformation, it doesn’t change the reality of what tomorrow looks like. Leaders of organizations, now more than ever, must get really strategic in how to advance the technology to ensure it continues to bring value to their employees and customers alike.

"As AI and machine learning continue to advance at an unprecedented pace, the real differentiator for organizations will be their ability to cultivate a continuous cycle of learning and innovation. Investing in both the technology and the talent to stay ahead is no longer optional—it's imperative for future success."

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