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"Skills to be a superstar"

From my first HDI local chapter meeting to the present, what I’ve received from my local chapter membership is not just the added knowledge and skills to do my job better, but the knowledge and skills to be a superstar!  The local chapter events offer a wealth of information that is invaluable, especially when you can’t attend the national conferences.  In addition to my added job knowledge, the networking opportunities are endless!  What better place to find other managers, directors and above in your industry that you can network with for ideas, career opportunities, etc.  And then there’s the volunteer aspect – working with a group of ITSM professionals that are truly passionate about learning, teaching, networking and having fun all at the same time!  There aren’t enough words to describe what volunteering for the local chapter has given back to me.  It has enabled me to hone every skill imaginable from public speaking, to project management, to sales and marketing, to event planning, time management, etc. Even more than the skills, it’s being part of a nationwide network, which is really a tight-knit, cohesive family. You may be a part of one chapter, but that chapter is interconnected with chapters all over the country. As I said earlier, the networking possibilities are endless. I love being a part of this community!