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April 2 Edition of Support World - Position IT as an Equal Partner in 2021

Siloing IT can lead to siloed solutions for your business. In the April 2nd Edition of Support World, Rae Ann Bruno shares how “Businesses Benefit When IT is An Equal Partner to Improve Experience”.  Rae Ann is a member of the HDI International Standards committee and is a frequent speaker at leadership and support conferences. She is the author of the HDI focus books: Translating IT Metrics into Business Benefits and What Have you Done for Me Lately? Creating an Internal Marketing Culture.


Also in this edition:

How to Create a Policy Statement for Work-at-Home Team Members”

We all have received a crash course in the problems that may arise with a sudden shift to working remotely. Kay Phelps offers  a step-by-step guide with all the factors to consider, from equipment needed to performance expectations to legal liability.


“Shifting to a Value-Driven Service Management Model in Customer Service”

Too often, IT deals only with the immediate tasks of its clients, and misses the big picture of customer care. Your team may do better by asking questions to get a complete understanding of what your clients hope to achieve. Dr. Alma Miller is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, speaker, DevOps thought leader, and educator with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry.