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    New Support World - 3 Steps to Help Your Team Define and Measure Success see more

    In this edition of Support World - 3 Steps to Help Your Team Define and Measure Success-

    Ben Brennan shares how to increase the chances that your service desk team will meet its most ambitious goals.

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    Get Closer to Your Clients in 2022 And Secure the Future of Cloud Computing see more

    This week’s Support World includes Ben Brennan goes into why it is important for IT service and support pros to know they are in a relationship with their client, and that often misunderstandings will arise. In part one of this two-part series, Ben lists the five “love languages” of clients, and reminds us to be human-centered in our approach. In the second part Ben describes the key ingredients IT service and support pros need to have a strong relationship with their clients. He gives suggestions for how to implement them in practice, as well.

    Ben Brennan is the author of Badass IT Support, Founder and CEO of QSTAC. Ben has earned a reputation for bringing a "mind-blowing" customer centricity to the heart of the IT culture at companies worldwide. Brennan has been named by HDI as a Top 25 Thought Leader and Featured Contributor for 2020.

    Also in this edition of Support World:

    Joao-Pierre S. Ruth is Senior Writer at InformationWeek. Looks at “What Will Be the Next New Normal in Cloud Software Security?” Accelerated moves to the cloud made sense at the height of the pandemic -- organizations may face different concerns in the future. Chief among these is how to determine who is an authorized user and who isn’t in a hybrid work environment.

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    You Need to Adapt or Get Left Behind in IT see more

    This week’s Support World includes an interview with NJ Robinson who serves as Deputy Director of the 794th Communications Squadron of the United States Air Force and is part of HDI’s Strategic Advisory Board. The board is composed of industry thought leaders, practitioners and solution providers who help HDI keep close tabs on the customer insights and support center and service management market developments. Craig Idlebrook asks NJ five questions for the article “You Must Accept and Adapt to Change”. NJ shares that flexibility and soft skills are keys for longevity and success in the IT service and support industries. NJ is also an active member of the Capital Area Local Chapter.


    Also in this edition of Support World:

    Why IT Roles Are Broadeningby Lisa Morgen, Freelance Writer for Information World. The world of IT is constantly evolving and with it, IT positions. However, there's no one path that will suit all organizations. Here, IT thought leaders share how they think the titles and roles will evolve in the near future.


    Take a Quiz on Your Organization’s Mission StatementRose Polchin shares a way to assess your mission statement to ensure it acts as a north star to good outcomes for both your organization and your customers. There is a Quiz! and criteria for a solid mission statement. See where you land.


    TREND REPORT - Driving Business Value with Next-Generation Service Management

    Among the many factors that drove change in service management strategies in 2020, two stand out: the pandemic and digital transformation. Priorities and challenges suddenly changed, resulting in new mandatory requirements for a more agile, flexible, resilient approach to service management. This trend report explores four fundamental considerations as we look to the future for support organizations and service management:

    • The shifting landscape of expectation and value

    • The role and relevance of service and support in 2021

    • Next-generation service management

    • Enabling next-generation service management

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    Change How You Hire for IT Now see more

    Once customer experience was something IT service and support put on the backest of backburners. The concept has now become front and center in the competitive IT landscape. In the May 21st edition of Support World, Doug Rabold has a somewhat heretical suggestion for how to meet that demand in his article “Hire IT People With More Than IT Skills”. Often, it requires more than raw IT skills to deliver great IT support for customers and clients. In a follow up article “How to Recruit and Hire Non-IT People for IT Roles”,  Doug discusses how to change your hiring process and recruitment process to find people who have some IT skills and versatility, and provide a strong customer experience.

    Also in this edition of Support World:

    “Pandemic Lessons in Parenthood and Leadership”

    When her work life and home life collided during the pandemic, Holly Terrill realizes that her parental skills and her managerial skills often overlap. Here’s what she learned from the experience after a year leading from the home office. Holly Terrill oversees the contact center and interactive services teams at Meritrust Credit Union as the Director of Member Support Services. She has over 20 years of customer service and financial institution experience and has supported the contact center for nearly 8 years

    “Remember Why you Are There: To Help People”

    Craig Idlebook asks 5 questions of Roy Atkinson, CEO and Principal Advisor at Clifton Butterfield. Roy is part of HDI’s Strategic Advisory Board, composed of industry thought leaders, practitioners and solution providers who help us keep close tabs on the customer insights and support center and service management market developments. 

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    Position IT as an Equal Partner in 2021 see more

    Siloing IT can lead to siloed solutions for your business. In the April 2nd Edition of Support World, Rae Ann Bruno shares how “Businesses Benefit When IT is An Equal Partner to Improve Experience”.  Rae Ann is a member of the HDI International Standards committee and is a frequent speaker at leadership and support conferences. She is the author of the HDI focus books: Translating IT Metrics into Business Benefits and What Have you Done for Me Lately? Creating an Internal Marketing Culture.


    Also in this edition:

    How to Create a Policy Statement for Work-at-Home Team Members”

    We all have received a crash course in the problems that may arise with a sudden shift to working remotely. Kay Phelps offers  a step-by-step guide with all the factors to consider, from equipment needed to performance expectations to legal liability.


    “Shifting to a Value-Driven Service Management Model in Customer Service”

    Too often, IT deals only with the immediate tasks of its clients, and misses the big picture of customer care. Your team may do better by asking questions to get a complete understanding of what your clients hope to achieve. Dr. Alma Miller is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, speaker, DevOps thought leader, and educator with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry.

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    Get a Handle on Problem Management see more

    Problem management is an important part of ITIL 4, but too often it gets neglected. In the March 26th Edition of Support World, Jeff Rumberg examines how to provide quantifiable data to provide focus and motivation for problem management efforts in "The Metrics of Problem Management".

    Also this week:

    Vicki Brackett helps leaders look in the mirror with "The Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves in Challenging Times".  Courage is the first step! Vicki is a subject-matter expert on virtual/work-at-home environments and leadership development, Vicki Brackett has written for and been interviewed by Forbes, Fast Company, Fortune Magazine, CFO Magazine, CEOWorld, HR News, Training Magazine, and a host of other publications, news outlets and podcasts on creative work-at-home and employee engagement strategies.

    "How and Why to Market the Service Desk Within Your Organization" -  Melanie Karunaratne has led marketing campaigns, product launches, and corporate communications worldwide. To many outside of the IT department, the service desk is there for when things go wrong. Melanie sets out a plan to make sure those within your organization know the value of the service desk, and think to loop IT stakeholders on key decisions.

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    Convert the IT Service Desk into a Hub for Organization-Wide Service see more

    January 30th Edition of Support World  - As AI automates much of the grunt work of the traditional IT Service Desk, Mike Hanson argues that its mission should broaden to include ticket service that can coordinate service requests for everything from facilities management to HR matters. Mike Hanson has many years of experience with IT leadership, having managed several different aspects of technology over the past 30 years. Today, he serves as global operations manager and leads the asset management and fulfillment teams for Optum, Inc. He has been involved with HDI for many years, as both a local chapter officer and as a past chair of the HDI Desktop Support Advisory Board. Follow Mike on Twitter @Mike_MiddleMgr.

    Phylis Drucker also looks at "How COVID-19 Changed Service Delivery for 2021". Rebecca Gibson has a great article on how to "Put People First to Help Employees in Tough Times"