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    6 Trends Affecting Technology Hiring Through 2021 see more

    6 Trends Affecting Technology Hiring Through 2021

    By Jeff Weber, executive director at Robert Half

    Digital transformation, remote work and employees eyeing a better work-life balance are among emerging trends that are driving hiring strategies for IT managers. Here’s a closer look as reflected in data collected for Robert Half’s Demand for Skilled Talent Report.

    1.Technology professionals are in high demand

    When comparing to the pre-pandemic employment market, talented IT professionals are still hard to find and even harder to retain, as companies everywhere continue to expand their digital operations. More than half (56%) of IT leaders surveyed by Robert Half say they plan to add new positions in the second half of 2021, but hiring managers are finding it’s challenging to recruit the right candidate. Fifty-three percent of leaders say they are offering signing bonuses for new employees to attract in-demand talent.

    2.Fewer candidates skilled in the right areas

    The pandemic forced some organizations to put their long-term digital transformation projects on hold. As activity picks up again, many of those companies are now resuming their journey to full digital maturity, requiring more technology talent.

    Digital transformation is a major hiring factor especially in areas such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity. But there’s also a corresponding demand for relevant soft skills. Organizations need people who can communicate change across the company and help tie transformation projects to strategic goals.

    Highly skilled, specialized job seekers, however, are thin on the ground. It’s a universal problem with particular shortages in the following areas, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ second quarter unemployment rates for select positions:

    • Database administrators and architects (0.3%)
    • Software developers (1.2%)
    • Computer and information systems managers (1.4%)
    • Systems analysts (1.7%)
    • Help desk and user support professionals (2.9%)

    3. Workplace flexibility is here to stay

    2020 saw a sudden shift to remote working that has turned out to be a win-win among many companies and employees. According to The Demand for Skilled Talent report, almost half of workers (49%) across all industries say they prefer a hybrid remote and in-office work model, while 26% would like to be fully remote and 25% would like to fully return to the office. And companies said the top way they’re supporting employees is by offering flexible work arrangements, which can include telecommuting, flexible schedules, or compressed workweeks.

    These trends, which will drive the rise of hybrid teams — a mix of on-site and at-home workers — means technology managers will have to continue facilitating collaboration between teams that may not need to meet face-to-face on a daily basis.

    4.Distance is less of an obstacle for hiring

    Remote work is giving companies access to a global talent market, a decided advantage for technology managers facing a shortage of the talent they seek most. When hiring for an open role, 60% of technology managers said they start local and broaden their search if too much time passes without finding candidates, according to the report. And companies across industries are starting to make remote hiring easier; 49% said they have changed their hiring strategies to include conducting remote interviews and onboarding sessions since the beginning of the year.

    Job seekers are also considering remote-only roles. Fifty percent of technology professionals looking for a new job in the second half of 2021 said they would like a full-time, remote-only job opportunity. Hiring managers may find that expanding their search geographically opens a wider pool of candidates, as well as shortens the hiring process.

    5.Managers are turning to contract professionals

    Short-term resources offer some relief when IT recruiting efforts come up short, and many employers find flexible staffing solutions can help manage workloads. A contract worker can inject additional skills or capacity into a team, without requiring a lengthy hiring and onboarding process.

    Eighty-two percent of IT managers in our survey say they plan to hire contract workers to support year-end initiatives. The benefits of adding contract workers to staff include being able to scale the team as needed, evaluate candidates for a full-time role and gain access to specialized skills.

    6.Retention is a challenge

    The pandemic has profoundly affected the employer-employee relationship. Eighty percent of technology leaders said turnover has increased on their team since the start of 2021. The main reason they cite for employees leaving is their concern for job security. Companies that went above and beyond in their COVID response are likely to be rewarded with increased staff loyalty and productivity.

    Technology professionals know their skills are in demand and may be more inclined to look for new opportunities. Engaging employees in discussions about their workloads and possible concerns and offering competitive compensation, professional development programs and career advancement can help increase employees’ job satisfaction.

    What may be the most lasting takeaway from these trends? Technology professionals are more difficult to hire and retain, as many are reshuffling their priorities. Crafting job offers that reflect your understanding of the market and professionals’ needs may be what gives your company a competitive edge in 2021 and beyond.

    Jeff Weber is executive director of the technology practice at talent solutions firm Robert Half and manages operations for more than 100 locations worldwide. The firm places IT professionals for initiatives ranging from software development, system and application life cycle, systems integration and project management to cloud, infrastructure, security and technical support.

     August 13, 2021
  • Terri Walint Oropeza posted an article
    We are proud of the exemplary work put in by our local chapters and chapter officers. see more

    Professional associations like HDI Local Chapters are a fantastic place where you can improve your leadership skills, give back to your community and have a lot of fun!  At our annual leadership summit, we recognize chapters and individuals for leadership, achievements and best practices. We are proud of the exemplary work put in by our local chapters and chapter officers, and we want to recognize their ability to build bridges. Read more about HDI Local Chapters here








    RISING STAR AWARD – An up and coming or “new on the scene” officer who has made a big impact and/or significant growth/progress in last year--AKA outstanding new officer.

    Teresa Pelley (Nebraska Chapter) started as an Officer fairly recently and quickly jumped in with both feet. She has been a reliable, involved, and trustworthy officer for their chapter and embodies an HDI Local Chapter Officer (LCO). She demonstrated her love for HDI by joining the Summit Planning and Communication committees. She was the first to distribute a regular newsletter for her chapter and has really "spiced" up the communications for her chapter. This person is always willing to do more and we are so lucky Teresa decided to join our organization! 









    CORNERSTONE AWARD (formerly Elmer’s Glue award) – An officer who has made significant contributions within their own chapter and has gone above and beyond their single officer role for their own chapter--the glue that held a chapter together.

    Rob Evelyn (Kentuckiana chapter) has really worked hard to keep his chapter relevant and moving forward (even if slowly). His dedication and love for the chapter is without a doubt the reason his chapter is still going. He has been involved with their local chapter for several years. Rob truly is the glue that holds his chapter together. Also, Rob has an unparalleled passion for “newbies”. 








    KEYSTONE AWARD (formerly Bridging the Gap, Essential Piece, Keys to our Success) – An officer who has gone above and beyond their single officer role, has done good for the entire HDI Local Chapter community, is a behind the scenes helper, holds us together, and unlocks our potential. HDC success could not be imagined without this person’s involvement.

    Even though Kristi Lawrence (Southland DP & Motown Chapter) has taken on a national role, she is still very active with her home chapter and is doing what she can to help keep her chapter alive and well. Kristi has the enormous task of keeping the local chapter community informed with highly articulate and meaningful content. She has also stepped up to take over the "Officer Foundations" course which has proven to be extremely valuable to new as well as seasoned officers. I have never seen her turn down a task and can always be counted on to provide suggestions for improvements. Plus, Kristi is a great deal of fun! 









    STANDS THE TEST OF TIME AWARD (SPECIAL AWARD) – We wanted to honor someone who has invested many years in the local chapters. Someone who STANDS THE TEST OF TIME.

    Carrie Armstrong currently serves as a Chapter Advisor for her home chapter and was a District President for 8 years, but has been involved with HDI for the past 15 years! She has held the previous positions of President, VP of Communications, and VP of Programs for her chapter. Carrie has been involved at the national level of HDI including Midwest Regional Director, Member Advisory Board, and HDI Conference Track Chair. She has over 20 years of professional IT Service and Support industry experience. She has so much knowledge about HDI to give and gives it willingly and without hesitation, despite her own busy schedule. And while that can be said about most of the volunteers within this organization, there is much to be said about 15+ years of being 

     OUR ROCK AWARD (SPECIAL AWARD) - We also want to honor someone else who has invested many years in the local chapters. Someone who is currently OUR ROCK.

    When someone is nominated for an award, we ask why they are being nominated. And often we get similar responses: “they dedicate so much of their time” or “they stepped up when no one else would.” And while those are very relevant and valid reasons, it doesn’t make the awards presentation very fun if we just say, “27 people voted that you are the most dedicated.” 

    With Liz Bunger, we got all kinds of comments about why she was so deserving. One person said, “I love how they look at the big picture and ask questions so the answers reveal themselves.” 

    “It’s because of all they do and because of their passion for HDI.”

    Liz has exhibited outstanding energy, quality and dedication to the Local Chapters. She is always willing to step in and provide expertise around HDI no matter what is going on. She always makes the time, providing much needed logic and levity to any situation. She is never looking for credit and always giving glory to those around them. In truth, Liz deserves far more credit for being the main ingredient that holds this organization up (all while doing it with a quick-witted sense of humor).



    CHAPTER OF THE YEAR AWARD – A chapter that has their full core leadership positions filled and succession plan established, Membership has grown in the past year, Active SilkStart website, Financial statements submitted on time, minimum number of events held, participates in awards process, and officers attend monthly officer meetings.

    The Mid-Ohio chapter has maintained a full board with very engaged officers. In fact, many of their officers were here at this year’s Summit.

    When board meetings are held, agendas are generally provided followed with minutes of the discussions.  They have also had at least one board member at each of the monthly officer calls. They are the epitome of a successful chapter that is focused on keeping the HDI brand alive in their home state and sets an example for other chapters to strive for.







    Join the HDI  Community

    HDI Local Chapters, in over 30 cities across the U.S., create convenient and dynamic ways to collaborate with like-minded professionals. Being an officer of a local chapter is a great way to grow skills and provide regular opportunities for technical support professionals to connect, share and discuss common challenges, and learn from industry innovators.  

     October 29, 2022