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  • Terri Walint Oropeza posted an article
    #Live on Wednesday at at 4pm PT/7pm ET see more

    What to Do When a Job Candidate Ghosts You

    On our next episode this Wednesday, March 30th,  host Tom Wilk will talk with Zach Jiru from Robert Half Talent about ghosting - a new trend surging in the professional world. In a Robert Half survey, 39% of hiring managers in the U.S. said that ghosting by job candidates is more common now than it was two years ago. 

    Join us Wednesday March 30th and learn more about why ghosting is on the rise – and how hiring managers can avoid it.4pm PT/7pm ET  #Live on #Twitch 

    #HDILocal Chapters - brings #TechnicalSupport and #ServiceManagement professionals together to connect, share and discuss common challenges, and learn from industry innovators



     March 28, 2022
  • Insights to make smarter salary decisions see more

    Whether you need to recruit technology professionals for your team or you want to find a job in tech, Robert Half’s Salary Guide helps you understand what to expect as you navigate the hiring market.

    The guide explores the jobs in greatest demand in technology, what firms are doing to attract and keep talent, and how much professionals can earn in 2024. 

    Learn more about the data and insights in the Salary Guide and how to use them in this blog post from Robert Half.


     October 24, 2023
  • Multiple Generations in the Workplace | What They Want Has Changed see more

    With four generations of professionals in the workplace today, each group, shaped by different experiences and trends, has its own general preferences, priorities and needs. This report highlights key facts about today’s workforce and how they affect how managers hire, motivate and retain skilled professionals.

    Check out the report to learn:

    • What makes people want to join and stay with an organization
    • How offering flexible work arrangements can give employers a competitive edge
    • The generation ready for more, and the one for whom discontent may be silently brewing
    • Which generation is most concerned about AI disrupting their jobs and which one is least prepared if it happens
    • A multitude of strategies to help engage – and hang on to – their team 

  • Explore research and insights to help you attract and hire today's top tech talent. see more

    Explore research and insights to help you attract and hire today's top tech talent.

    Despite layoffs, technology leaders' hiring plans across industries indicate strong competition for recruiting IT and tech professionals. Ryan Sutton, executive director at talent solutions firm Robert Half, highlights the latest research and most in-demand tech roles on CIO Dive.

    Read the full article at CIO Dive: What's happening in the technology hiring market

     April 12, 2023
  • Caleb Banks from Robert Half with key insights on the Demand for Skilled Talent see more

    The Demand for Skilled Talent is your look into the hiring trends making noise across the country. On our next LiveStream episode Wednesday, March 29th, Caleb Banks from Robert Half Talent will share how the hiring market is handling fears of a recession and how employers are dealing with persistent retention struggles as the quit rate remains high. Plus, more about where the job market is the hottest, with key insights into local postings, in-demand roles and which roles are yielding the greatest rates of remote opportunities. 

    Want to learn more? Join us #Live on and  every other Wednesday at at 4pm PT/7pm ET and replay available on YouTube

    Caleb Banks is a Sacramento-based Client Solutions Manager with Robert Half, the world's first and largest specialized talent solutions firm. Caleb is responsible for helping business leaders hire top tech talent into rewarding positions with companies across the Greater Sacramento and Central Valley area. Caleb's background includes data analysis and research for a healthcare consulting firm and he was also involved with a Cognitive Neuroscience Research Center at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Caleb holds his bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of San Francisco and a master's degree in public policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University. Additionally, Caleb is a published academic author.











     March 21, 2023
  • Terri Walint Oropeza posted an article
    #Live on Wednesday at at 4pm PT/7pm ET see more

    New Guide Offers Insights to Future-Proof Your Workforce

    On our next LiveStream episode this Wednesday, July 20, Zach Jiru from Robert Half Talent will share with the team some insights on how to Future-Proof your workforce. Join us Wednesday July 20th and learn more at 4pm PT/7pm ET  #Live on #Twitch 

    According to a Robert Half survey, 54% of professionals currently working from home said they would look for a new job if their employer required them to return to the office. The workforce is evolving due to significant shifts over the last few years and employees’ expectations have changed. Professionals seek flexible work options, career advancement and purpose in their work — and often find this in a new job.

    While this can be concerning news for companies, a new resource from Robert Half, Future-Proofing Your Workforce: An Employer’s Guide, has insight into the latest hiring trends, what workers want and how to prepare your technology team for the future. The guide outlines eight shifts in the job market and worker expectations. From reassessing the office’s role and embracing changing employee expectations to providing opportunities for upskilling and reskilling, discover new strategies to increase employee satisfaction and adapt to the modern workplace.

    Want to learn more? Join us #Live on  Wednesday at at 4pm PT/7pm ET and replay available on YouTube 

    #HDILocal Chapters - brings #TechnicalSupport and #ServiceManagement professionals together to connect, share and discuss common challenges, and learn from industry innovators.


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    6 Trends Affecting Technology Hiring Through 2021 see more

    6 Trends Affecting Technology Hiring Through 2021

    By Jeff Weber, executive director at Robert Half

    Digital transformation, remote work and employees eyeing a better work-life balance are among emerging trends that are driving hiring strategies for IT managers. Here’s a closer look as reflected in data collected for Robert Half’s Demand for Skilled Talent Report.

    1.Technology professionals are in high demand

    When comparing to the pre-pandemic employment market, talented IT professionals are still hard to find and even harder to retain, as companies everywhere continue to expand their digital operations. More than half (56%) of IT leaders surveyed by Robert Half say they plan to add new positions in the second half of 2021, but hiring managers are finding it’s challenging to recruit the right candidate. Fifty-three percent of leaders say they are offering signing bonuses for new employees to attract in-demand talent.

    2.Fewer candidates skilled in the right areas

    The pandemic forced some organizations to put their long-term digital transformation projects on hold. As activity picks up again, many of those companies are now resuming their journey to full digital maturity, requiring more technology talent.

    Digital transformation is a major hiring factor especially in areas such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity. But there’s also a corresponding demand for relevant soft skills. Organizations need people who can communicate change across the company and help tie transformation projects to strategic goals.

    Highly skilled, specialized job seekers, however, are thin on the ground. It’s a universal problem with particular shortages in the following areas, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ second quarter unemployment rates for select positions:

    • Database administrators and architects (0.3%)
    • Software developers (1.2%)
    • Computer and information systems managers (1.4%)
    • Systems analysts (1.7%)
    • Help desk and user support professionals (2.9%)

    3. Workplace flexibility is here to stay

    2020 saw a sudden shift to remote working that has turned out to be a win-win among many companies and employees. According to The Demand for Skilled Talent report, almost half of workers (49%) across all industries say they prefer a hybrid remote and in-office work model, while 26% would like to be fully remote and 25% would like to fully return to the office. And companies said the top way they’re supporting employees is by offering flexible work arrangements, which can include telecommuting, flexible schedules, or compressed workweeks.

    These trends, which will drive the rise of hybrid teams — a mix of on-site and at-home workers — means technology managers will have to continue facilitating collaboration between teams that may not need to meet face-to-face on a daily basis.

    4.Distance is less of an obstacle for hiring

    Remote work is giving companies access to a global talent market, a decided advantage for technology managers facing a shortage of the talent they seek most. When hiring for an open role, 60% of technology managers said they start local and broaden their search if too much time passes without finding candidates, according to the report. And companies across industries are starting to make remote hiring easier; 49% said they have changed their hiring strategies to include conducting remote interviews and onboarding sessions since the beginning of the year.

    Job seekers are also considering remote-only roles. Fifty percent of technology professionals looking for a new job in the second half of 2021 said they would like a full-time, remote-only job opportunity. Hiring managers may find that expanding their search geographically opens a wider pool of candidates, as well as shortens the hiring process.

    5.Managers are turning to contract professionals

    Short-term resources offer some relief when IT recruiting efforts come up short, and many employers find flexible staffing solutions can help manage workloads. A contract worker can inject additional skills or capacity into a team, without requiring a lengthy hiring and onboarding process.

    Eighty-two percent of IT managers in our survey say they plan to hire contract workers to support year-end initiatives. The benefits of adding contract workers to staff include being able to scale the team as needed, evaluate candidates for a full-time role and gain access to specialized skills.

    6.Retention is a challenge

    The pandemic has profoundly affected the employer-employee relationship. Eighty percent of technology leaders said turnover has increased on their team since the start of 2021. The main reason they cite for employees leaving is their concern for job security. Companies that went above and beyond in their COVID response are likely to be rewarded with increased staff loyalty and productivity.

    Technology professionals know their skills are in demand and may be more inclined to look for new opportunities. Engaging employees in discussions about their workloads and possible concerns and offering competitive compensation, professional development programs and career advancement can help increase employees’ job satisfaction.

    What may be the most lasting takeaway from these trends? Technology professionals are more difficult to hire and retain, as many are reshuffling their priorities. Crafting job offers that reflect your understanding of the market and professionals’ needs may be what gives your company a competitive edge in 2021 and beyond.

    Jeff Weber is executive director of the technology practice at talent solutions firm Robert Half and manages operations for more than 100 locations worldwide. The firm places IT professionals for initiatives ranging from software development, system and application life cycle, systems integration and project management to cloud, infrastructure, security and technical support.

     August 13, 2021
  • Terri Walint Oropeza posted an article
    The 2023 Salary Guide From Robert Half is Out! Get the Numbers Worth Knowing Today see more

    The 2023 Salary Guide From Robert Half is Out! Get the Numbers Worth Knowing Today

    Uncover the salary trends, in-demand roles and workplace perks that drive the technology job market in the U.S., featuring insights from the 2023 Salary Guide From Robert Half.

    To learn more about today’s hiring environment and explore salary figures for more than 70 technology positions, check out the 2023 Salary Guide From Robert Half. 

    Don't miss the HDI Local Chapters LiveStream Wednesday October 19th with Zach Jiru from Robert Half discussing the latest research from the 2023 Salary Guide, including how hiring managers are attracting top tech talent and enhancing retention efforts through flexible work options and professional development. He will also discuss the most in-demand tech positions, the need for new skill sets, where salaries are headed, and the latest trends in benefits and perks.
    #Live on  Wednesday at at 4pm PT/7pm ET and replay available on YouTube 

     October 03, 2022