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  • Terri Walint Oropeza posted an article
    Important new security feature on HDI Local Chapter sites see more

    There has been a dramatic increase in cyber security threats (a 62% jump in ransomware attacks in 2020 alone over 2019). HDI Local Chapters and Silkstart (our platform provider) will be strengthening the level of security available for customers and adding important new capabilities to secure accounts.

    Starting August 2nd, 2021 at 9 am Pacific Time,  we will be implementing a new knowledge-based-authentication sign-in process. When you first log in to any HDI Local Chapter site, you will be presented with a screen asking you to pick four questions to provide answers for. You will need to fill in an answer for each of the questions and click ‘Confirm’. The answers you provide should be unique to your knowledge but memorable. You will not be able to see your answers once they have been submitted.

    After setting up your security questions each time you log in you will be presented with one of the four questions which you will need to provide the correct answer to before gaining access to the website.

    What if I forget the answer to my question? You will have the option to reset your questions. If you’re having trouble you can contact to reset the questions (we cannot tell you your secret question answer as we will not have access to this information).

    We thank you for your understanding as we work hard to keep your information safe.

  • Terri Walint Oropeza posted an article
    Why HDI? see more

    Our # HDILocal LiveStream is up to two dozen shows and so we thought... Hey! We should tell people a little more about us (HDI Local Chapters). Join host Tom Wilk Wednesday, May 5th at 7 pm ET for a fun and lively conversation with three prominent HDI Local Chapter community members to talk about "Why to HDI"

    Sandy Seroskie (Past Chair) will start out the conversation by giving us a brief history of HDI. David Cole (Chair) will talk about what we have been up to the past year. Doug Rabold, ITIL, HDI (President) will share with us the vision and direction of HDI. Then they will share why HDI has been an important part of their career growth.

    #thinkhdi #itcareers #community #nonprofit #growth #networkingworks #learningeveryday

  • GoldWay Services posted an article
    HDI Local Updates for COVID-19 see more

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we wanted to take a moment and express our concern for the safety of our friends and colleagues across the association and industry. First and foremost, please be safe.  

    Support World Live - Many of you have seen the HDI announcements about Support World Live. HDI has successfully postponed the event to August 2 - 7 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas  Please refer to the official announcements - 

    Local Chapter Events - As an association, we encourage chapters to follow the CDC guidelines* and cancel all in-person events, moving to a virtual model. We are continuing to hold Virtual Chapter events and are going to open them up to the community, so that our colleagues and peers have an opportunity to share and “meet” online.  This may provide much needed contact and support for our industry and community.

    What makes our association special is the way our community supports one another. Just as we have for over 25 years, let’s be here to help each other through these uncharted waters. HDI Local Chapters #TogetherWe’reBetter

    Be safe, friends…<virtual hugs>

    HDI Local Chapter Board of Directors

    Brandon Caudle - Chair
    Sandy Seroske - Past Chair
    David Cole - President